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Sergeant Johnson

Sergeant Johnson

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PostSubject: Thoughts   Thoughts EmptyFri Jul 27, 2012 2:58 am

I've been talking to Miss Bella a lot more lately and now i dont know whether i'm closer to her or Regina, or if that even matters. Regina was so angry during the last immunity challenge she might have given up entirely. I hope not because she was a great player and i really wanted to see her go far, even if it put me in a tough situation to help her out. Meanwhile, I have a final four with sackboy, yoshi, and kirby that gives me the best chance to go far in this game and potentially make the finals. Whether or not a keep my word will depend on what Regina decides. I've promised Bella final 5, and I've made promises to Regina, sackboy, and yoshi as well. I never made any promise with kirby though so i might have some leeway there. I'll just see what regina does next.

Also I'm hoping with this creative challenge for immunity i might finally have a chance to win. If i could add a couple of immunities on top of my gameplay i might have a decent chance if i make it to the finals. But we'll see, Bella is such a beast at challenges that might not happen.
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