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 Thoughts after tribal

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Sergeant Johnson

Sergeant Johnson

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Thoughts after tribal Empty
PostSubject: Thoughts after tribal   Thoughts after tribal EmptySun Jul 29, 2012 10:52 pm

Michael has gone home as expected. Its too bad to see him go the way he did, very similar to Shosanna in that he was just done fighting. I dont get whats with these people and giving up, thats just damn poor sportsmanship. But anyhow, getting rid of them and leaving it to those of us that are actually trying is the best way to go. It was interesting that Michael said he planned on sticking around and voting with me and jill to get us to the finals, but i dont buy that. I was never sure if i could trust michael anways so there's no way i would keep him around that long. Actualy, michael told me he was voting yoshi at this tribal and then must have voted bella since there was no mention of a penalty. I'm glad to see bella was able to come out of tribal safely, since she was pushing for me to give her my immunity.

Interestingly the vote tonight could also have been for Regina, who also displayed an attitude of not caring about the game anymore. She voted tonight at least, and i'm guessing she voted for michael. I havent heard from her in days tho so i'm wondering how much longer she really wants to last. I have just sent her another message, but if she doesnt answer me back then she might be going home next tribal council. I'd like to keep looking out for her, but if she wont respond to me then i'd rather keep some1 in the game whos still trying to play. Hopefully she'll be on for the challenge tomorrow. If Regina is active then at the next tribal we should see Jill getting her torch snuffed.
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Thoughts after tribal
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