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 Thoughts after challenge

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Sergeant Johnson

Sergeant Johnson

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Thoughts after challenge Empty
PostSubject: Thoughts after challenge   Thoughts after challenge EmptyMon Jul 30, 2012 11:39 pm

Damn, bella sure does win a lot of immunities. The other times she's won she beat me fair and square, but I'm not conceding that I didn't do the best in this challenge. I was of the impression that we were supposed to type out a list of movies and video games from our head and not just copying and pasting from online. I was able to get 355 titles from my own pre-challenge research and hard thinking during the challenge. It was obvious that Bella and Kirby both just copied and pasted lists from online. Some might think that's my fault for not using all my resources, but when we were told to research titles and then I was told specifically that it wouldn't be honest work for me to copy and paste, then it seems to me that the way i performed the challenge was the correct way. I highly doubt either kirby or bella would have gotten as many named as I did if they'd played it the same way. Looking at it this way, at 11,362 titles that Bella got, assuming 2 words per title on average, she would have had to have typed at a pace of 757 words per minute. To put this in perspective, the world record for typing is 216 words per minute. So if it wasnt blatantly obvious to start with she clearly just copied and pasted lists. It's definitely frustrating when you know ur opponents cheated and u played honestly and then dont get rewarded. The challenge was very fun and i liked having to think of titles but none of that ended up mattering as it turned out. So based on that reasoning in my mind I played that challenge better than Bella. But whatever, I don't need immunity to keep me safe, I just need it to make my resume look better down the road. End semi rant.

After the challenge of course then came thoughts on tribal council. Regina didnt try in the challenge, again.... But at the same time I had made a deal with her earlier, which makes it tough because she's the obvious one out. I suggested to Yoshi that we vote Jill, but as I figured he wasnt down for doing that, so it looks like regina's going home. Hopefully she wont get angry that i'm voting for her, but really since she stated at once point that she doesnt want to be in the game anymore and everyone else is going to vote for her I really dont have a choice. It'll be sad to see her go. Things will get real interesting then, and I'll have to start worrying a little more about getting backstabbed.
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Thoughts after challenge
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