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 After Immunity Challenge thoughts

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Sergeant Johnson

Sergeant Johnson

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After Immunity Challenge thoughts Empty
PostSubject: After Immunity Challenge thoughts   After Immunity Challenge thoughts EmptyWed Aug 01, 2012 3:02 am

I came close to immunity tonight but fell short of Bella again. Winning tonight would have really helped since I dont really know if i'm in danger or not, but that would have helped reassure me. I feel like if I'm going to have a decent shot at winning, or even just staying alive in this game, i'm going to have to win at least one if not more immunity challenges. On the other hand, Bella winning immunity tonight might help the vote in tribal, since if she hadnt have won, there would have been a big push to vote her out i think. Now we're going to have to vote for Jill, who i haven't ever trusted. Unfortunately, i dont know the extent of her scheming, and i could easily get backstabbed at any of the tribals from here on out. I've really got to trust that sackboy has my back, but putting that much trust in someone could be my downfall.

Bella has told me she'll vote for jill tonight., and sackboy has already sent his in for jill. I havent heard back from yoshi, but i'm guessing he'll vote for her as well, and then my vote would make 4 and a majority, regardless of the black vote. All i can do is hope i'm not being lied to. I used to think i could trust kirby, but not anymore, so even tho he seems alright with voting for jill, i'm betting theres a good chance he'll vote for me. Hopefully at worst there's a tie, because even tho i cant seem to beat bella at these challenges, i damn well think i could beat out jill. Even though i broke my word and voted for regina, she was leaving regardless, so i'd hope she would understand and would cast her black vote for somebody else, probably bella. Tribal should definitely be interesting. I'm guessing it'll go either 3-3-1, with the tie being for me and jill and the black vote going for bella, or it could go 4-2-1, with jill getting the majority. Anything else would actually surprise me
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After Immunity Challenge thoughts
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