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 Merge and Updates

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Sergeant Johnson

Sergeant Johnson

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Merge and Updates Empty
PostSubject: Merge and Updates   Merge and Updates EmptyTue Jul 24, 2012 12:08 am

So the two forces have finally merged into one, brother now forced to fight against brother for a chance at the ultimate prize. Coming into this significant moment, I feel things are in my favor to continue onward for a good while longer. My former tribe comes into the merge with 5 members, in contrast to the 4 of the former movie tribe. In addition a former discharged soldier will be suiting up next more and will likely join us to give us an alliance of 6 that should last for a little while.

Concerning the final immunity challenge between the tribes, I felt it was a worthy last battle. Many soldiers seemed confused with their orders, but both of our tribes gave a worthy effort. There was controversy as to the result, but the commanding officer has confirmed our victory. This was a significant challenge, as the winning tribe would have the majority heading into the merge. Despite having to play a second straight challenge from my mobile phone, I was still able to give damn near everything i had.

This brings me to the immunity challenge before which i also had to compete from my phone and away from battle. Comrade Yoshi was our anchor in that challenge, and i was still able to post the third best time on my tribe which i was satisfied to see. Unfortunatley, we lost that battle but comrade Ryu showed the utmost bravery and volunteered himself for honorary discharge. Our tribe had lost a member but stayed united all the same.

Back to the present moment, alliances will be strained in the upcoming days. I have been looking forward to the merge to solidify my alliance with Regina but now i'm afraid this will be a struggle. As my former tribe of video gamers has the upperhand, friendly fire against them would paint a target on my back the size of a covenant scarab. All i can do at this point is vote with them and try to convince them to take out Tatum, Michael, and Shosanna first. At that point Regina would be the only former movie character left (unless Bella comes back) and i would be in a terrible dilemma. I have given my word tho that i will not vote for Regina and damnit i am going to honor that. That might not be enough to save her so i will have to figure out a better plan going forward. If i had an idol i could spot Regina at that point it would be convenient. We will see later tho what happens. I'm already considering scenarios where i unfortunately betray my former tribe so as to further my place in the game and keep Regina in. But it will have to be delicately played to avoid my discharge the following tribal. As of now my alliances are both solid but contrasting and unfortunately soon something will have to give
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Merge and Updates
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