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 Updates leading up to Tribal

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Sergeant Johnson

Sergeant Johnson

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Updates leading up to Tribal Empty
PostSubject: Updates leading up to Tribal   Updates leading up to Tribal EmptyWed Jul 25, 2012 12:26 pm

The amount of changes leading up to this tribal has nearly driven me insane. Apparently Tatum has made a point to try to get her alliance of her, Shosanna, and Regina to vote for either me or Yoshi. Shosanna, though, apparently believes that Yoshi has a hidden immunity idol so that left me as the target. Regina, however, has put her neck on the line and has gone against Shosanna to get them to vote for Kirby. Now I don't want to see Kirby go in the case of someone switching their vote, but its better than me going. Additionally, I have solidified a final 2 pact with Sackboy and we have also added Yoshi to our alliance. I am hesitant to guarentee him a final 3 with me an Sackboy as I feel more loyal to Regina than to anyone else and am going to try my damndest to get her into the final 3.

Anyhow, I have spoken with Bella and Michael as well and both should be voting Shosanna at the upcoming tribal. I was a bit worried about whether Michael was really going to join our side, but he has seemed pretty convincing and should know that if he tries anything funny he'll just be putting himself on the chopping block. I'm a little worried about Jill, also however. I have never really trusted her and i think she very well might be working with the other side against us. She seems to be getting along very well with Shosanna, and yet she acts to us like she cant remember Shosanna's name. I think she might just be playing dumb to try and cover up the fact that she's playing both sides. But as with Michael, if she tries anything to betray us, she wont last very much longer. At this point i feel i'm in a pretty good position in the game, especially if Shosanna plays her idol at this tribal. I have Sackboy, Yoshi, and Regina who i know wont ever vote for me and i'm pretty sure Bella and Kirby would always side with me as well. The game is looking good going forward.

So the vote tonight should be 4 votes tatum and 3 votes shosanna. Shosanna, though, will hopefully play her idol expecting a majority for her. In that case, we would get the idol out of play and still get one of the movie characters out of the game. Tatum mentioned that she wanted to vote me off and for that she has another thing comin'.
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Updates leading up to Tribal
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