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 Confessional 1

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Bella Swan

Bella Swan

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PostSubject: Confessional 1   Confessional 1 EmptyTue Jul 17, 2012 7:17 pm

So I'm taking a whole new approach to this game, basically because I'm bored of games so why not try new shit. First of all I signed up as Bella, I have never been a girl in a mystery game before. Also I'm going to rely on my social game. I have flirted with so many people and I'm just trying to be as sweet as I can. I hope nobody figures out it's me because it would be cool for them to be like woah! They might figure out who I am though because of the times I'm online and me posting on other stuff at the same time. So I tried to work on an all girls alliance, which a few seemed down for but I also like Michael and I told him to watch out for the other girls. I could fall on my face for saying that cause if he tells the others I told him that they will be like uhhh Bella you started the girls alliance. I penaltied on purpose last night because I wanted to cause some uncertainty on my tribe. I want them to think somebody is doing something shady. This move is an old one from the Jimothy playbook so I guess my game isn't all new.
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Confessional 1
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