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 First Immunity Challenge

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Sergeant Johnson

Sergeant Johnson

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First Immunity Challenge Empty
PostSubject: First Immunity Challenge   First Immunity Challenge EmptyTue Jul 17, 2012 7:14 pm

After a period of preparation for our first battle, the war has finally begun. During the prep time I was able to solidify alliances with both Sackboy and Regina, with the plan to minimize my alliances so that I won't have to break my word later on.

The first immunity challenge played perfectly into the hands of our tribe. It came down to who had the bigger army and with much of the movie tribe AWOL, we were assured a victory. As such, we were not forced to honorably discharge any of our comrades. I was pleased that the challenge worked out as it did, and hope that victory will be a trend for our tribe.

Following the immunity challenge, I was PMed by Kirby, and although we did not discuss an alliance, I believe we are on the same page and this should help further my position in the game without causing me to have to break any promises. Additionally, it seems as though comrade Tommy has forgotten his duties, and I believe that if we were to unfortunately lose a battle, he should be the first to go.

Earlier, the first tribal council was announced and Gogo was sent home by her tribe. I'm glad to see that she's gone, as I haven't been that creeped out by someone since back in the days of fighting the Flood on the Ark. I'm certain this will be the first of many that the movie tribe will have to part with.

This evening we have been called to action once again, and this time our team requires a captain. Although my military training should make me the most qualified for the position, comrade Yoshi has volunteered. I will follow the lead of whomever I am ordered to, but am willing to step up and act as captain if required. I believe the movie tribe shall fall to our formidable ranks once again.
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First Immunity Challenge
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