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 Danger Confirmed

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Sergeant Johnson

Sergeant Johnson

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Danger Confirmed Empty
PostSubject: Danger Confirmed   Danger Confirmed EmptyTue Jul 31, 2012 5:52 pm

Sackboy had earlier sent me a message letting me know he'd gone undercover so to speak and that kirby had messaged him suggesting voting for me at the last tribal. Fortunately that didnt happen, at least, i dont think so. Not all of the votes were read, so i'm not sure who got those votes. Now Sackboy says that kirby and jill have a strong alliance and wanted him in a final 3 with them. Fortunately he's sticking with me, at least i hope, and if we can get yoshi on board we should be okay since sackboy is willing to play his idol on whoever the vote is going toward. Bella is a wild card too, but maybe i can still get her to vote with us since she cant afford to make enemies and will hopefully vote along with me.

Yoshi is going to have a tough time believing kirby is against us. I'm afraid he's going to think i'm lieing or sackboy is lieing, but hopefully he'll come around. Fortunately, he wanted to vote for jill tonight anyway, so that doesnt change things. If we can eliminate jill then that breaks up that alliance, and this also brings suspicion on kirby and should help yoshi stay with me and sackboy and vote for both him and bella at the next couple tribals. The way things have been changing i'm sure thats looking too far ahead, but hopefully things work out. I just need to hope putting my trust in sackboy and yoshi is the right move.
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Danger Confirmed
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