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 Scheming wont work up in here

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Sergeant Johnson

Sergeant Johnson

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Scheming wont work up in here Empty
PostSubject: Scheming wont work up in here   Scheming wont work up in here EmptyTue Jul 31, 2012 12:33 am

Interesting schemes seem to be at work against me, yoshi, kirby, and sackboy. Bella and i had a peculiar conversation about it where she out of the blue asked me who my other alliance member was. I thought she might be up to no good so i didnt mention that i'm in a final 4 with kirby and sackboy both along with yoshi, so i jsut mentioned sackboy who i am 100% sure is with us. She proceeds to say that "everyone" is saying sackboy is against us. Well first off I call bullshit on that. Who the hell is "everyone"? I ask her and she wont tell me, she just says i'm too trusting. I keep prying to get her to tell me, know she probably came up with the idea on her own, and as i predict she wont tell me. To make it easy on her i gave her an out by "guessing" that Jill was the one who told her, knowing she would say yes just to get me to stop suspecting her and uncovering her scheme. And as i already knew would happen she said i was right and it was jill. Predictable

Interestingly enough, because i havent trusted jill from day 1, i recently decided to keep tabs on her post count to make sure nothing sneaky was going on. I couldnt believe how many posts she had because i hardly ever see her post. Interestingly without seeing any posts from her on the board, her count rises from 321 to 334 in a matter of 20 minutes. I highly doubt she's been confessing that much. Once again it seems my suspicions are correct. So i message yoshi the whole thing and let him know that bella can't be trusted and neither can jill. I'm not going to let bella know that i'm on to her, dont want to put a target on my back. But these girls ought to know better than to try to fool a damn marine with this nonsense. I have to thank bella though, this should make the votes for tribal even easier the next 2 times. If bella doesnt win immunity both of the next two times then she's outta here. No one plays me for a fool without paying for it. Bella and jill can have their little room for now, but it will be pretty sad when its vacant in a couple more tribals.
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Scheming wont work up in here
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