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 Clips from pm convo with sackboy (suspecting jill as a traitor beforehand)

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Sergeant Johnson


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PostSubject: Clips from pm convo with sackboy (suspecting jill as a traitor beforehand)   Wed Jul 25, 2012 10:04 pm

Sergeant Johnson

Wed 25 Jul 2012 - 0:23 Topic: Re: What's New
I didnt trust her before today because she always gave me short or weird responses when i'd try to pm her. And yoshi apparently had the same feeling. Then at the challenge tonight she was being real nice to shosanna which could just be how she is, but in the blackout thread if u read back she kept acting like she couldnt remember shosanna's name. Now i highly doubt that she really couldnt remember shosanna's name and we're thinking she's just playing dumb and that she could potentially really be working with shosanna. Again, this could all be wrong as it is just speculation but it is something we need to keep an eye on because we could get screwed if we dont


Wed 25 Jul 2012 - 0:20 Topic: Re: What's New
Why doesn't anyone trust Jill?

Sergeant Johnson

Wed 25 Jul 2012 - 0:17 Topic: Re: What's New
Just talked with yoshi, and now he's thinking along with u that we should put more votes on tatum. So i guess maybe that is the best plan. If u, me, yoshi, and kirby vote tatum and the rest go Sho that should work. We can post that in the blackout forum and if shosanna doesnt use her idol, then we will know that jill tipped her off that she wasnt getting the majority of the votes. In that case we could have voted tatum off and would know jill was a traitor. Or if jill isnt working for them, then shosanna would use her idol and we would still get tatum voted off. So what do u think? I might go ahead an post in the blackout forum and PM kirby to vote tatum as well

Sergeant Johnson

Wed 25 Jul 2012 - 0:10 Topic: Re: What's New
I thought about that, but me and yoshi are pretty convinced that jill cant be trusted, so i think that could screw us up as well. I really dont think Bella is lying, and michael has been pretty convincing from the PMs i've gone through with him. The other risk is if jill were to tip them off that the 5 of us were going to vote one way then sho could just play the idol on that person. I think the way we have it now is the best we can do. At the absolute worst and we have been lied to, then kirby will get the votes and u, me, and yoshi would stay intact. This is certainly the most uneasy tribal council yet, but i really think we're safest doing the 4-3 split and trusting michael, bella, and jill for now. If one of them betrays us, we will be able to vote them out at the next tribal. The main thing too is to make sure shosanna gets the majority of the votes so that if for some reason she doesnt play her idol she'll get voted off.


Wed 25 Jul 2012 - 0:00 Topic: Re: What's New
Hey thanks, I just got back from work, appreciate all the messages. Have we considered that splitting our votes puts us at a risk of having Bella or Michael lie to us and then just using their 4 or 5 votes to out rule our split votes? I'd rather have the 5 Video gamers vote one way and have Bella and Michael go another way, what do you think?

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Clips from pm convo with sackboy (suspecting jill as a traitor beforehand)
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