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 A Traitor

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Sergeant Johnson

Sergeant Johnson

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PostSubject: A Traitor   A Traitor EmptyWed Jul 25, 2012 9:31 pm

There's a traitor in our midst and its time we smoke them out. My initial accusation was michael, but that might not be the case. He has posted a screenshot of his vote for shosanna and has seemed honest in my conversations with him. Jill on the other hand...i already suspected her as being untruthful. It wouldn't surprise me at all if she voted yoshi. But what surprises me is that yoshi was voted for at all. Regina told me that she and tatum were voting kirby for sure, so how did yoshi get votes? I have been giving Regina 100% of my trust but i'm slightly wary now. She got her alliance not to vote for me which i'm thankful for, but she still didnt tell me the truth. Granted, i didnt tell her our voting plan but i also didnt lie about it. I still feel somewhat indebted tho and will try to help her out going forward.

Concerning the traitor though, we're still not sure if it was jill. Bella has been awfully quiet, but i dont see any reason why she should be voting with shosanna and her other enemies. Unless all this supposed conflict between her and them is all smoke and mirrors...but that might just be paranoia talking. I'll be interested to see a screenshot of jill's vote. Most likely she'll make up an excuse not to show it, which is all the proof we'll need.

As far as yoshi and tatum duking it out at the immunity challenge to stay in the game, i feel the moving of the challenge is a bit unfair. If tatum can't make the time that was scheduled and posted days ago, then why should she get the time moved for her? Doesn't seem fair to me, and it inconveniences me and many others. That said, i will help yoshi as much as possible at the challenge. Since it will be in rounds, if theres a possibility for me to take a dive to allow yoshi to continue then i'll gladly do so.

Yoshi has let me know that he had a former final 3 with jill and kirby, but with jill's flakiness lately that isnt going to happen. He and kirby are still tightly allied as are me and sackboy and now me and yoshi have a good alliance. It will be an awkward and tough situation if all 4 of us are the final 4 in the game since somebody will have to go home then, but i'll fight that battle as it comes. I'm just hoping yoshi can survive this upcoming challenge.
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A Traitor
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